You have reached this page by error !  

This is no longer the "Home Page" for the CapCruz Web Site.  Your Internet Web Brower is attempting to accress the old Home Page for the Cappuccino Cruisers Web Site which no longer exists.  You need to clear any memory of the CapCruz Web Site from your browsers History & Bookmarks and start NEW.

The Cappuccino Cruisers Web Site Address has NOT CHANGED !  It is still ...


We are now using new software that is more in line with other standard web sites on the internet.  If you want to know more details read on and we will explain.  Otherwise just click on the link above and you should go directly to our new web site.


* Delete or Erase your web browser HISTORY & This BOOKMARK to clear the old memory of our web site and start new from scratch.  

Our Web Site URL is still -   www.capcruz.com


Normally when you go to a web site you type in the URL for the web site like this:


What is going on that you don't see is the web server automaticly routes you to one of two options shown here:



Our old web site had the   /home.html   option for the "Home Page" and your web browser stored this option in its history and bookmark areas of your browser.  Everytime you try to enter our web site address into your browser, in the background it is using what it knows to be our web site or    /home.html    extension.  The page your reading right now is actually   /home.html

Our NEW web site software uses the internet standard of   /index.html   so when you enter our   www.capcruz.com   web site address, your browser is taking over and trying to go to the old web site home URL with the    /home.html   extension.

You need to clear all memory of our old web site from your web browswer and start NEW or over.

Thanks, Your Web Master - Geno Bartley